You want change to be approachable and attainable–Simply put, we’re here to help.

Community & Technology

Right now, someone like you is finishing the final paragraph of a grant narrative to support a program that will change health outcomes of their community. Someone else is gathering support to advocate for a new policy to promote a more equitable workforce. And still someone else is writing a new song, a protest song, a call to action, a song that asks for change.

At Carnelian, we embrace empowered people like you and work to build technology and resources that are vital to your process of re-creating community.

Carnelian creates products and resources to help individuals and organizations operationalize change.

Our Perspective

We believe technology should be affordable, intuitive, and a functional tool to make lives better. We believe that the opportunities of today must not only be available to everyone, but also enhanced with guides, instructions, and tools to make accessing opportunities more productive, more relatable, and make change outcomes more successful. We see data as the raw material for change—as the catalyst for imagination, inclusivity, and impact. We are committed to helping you discover what we have learned, that change is possible, and with resources and tools to help, it doesn’t have to be scary. Talk to us

Our Process

We create solutions. We see where you are struggling, and then work to build products that make your efforts to change the world efficient, meaningful, and—dare we say it—enjoyable.

Our Personality

Carnelian operates on creativity, courageous exploration, resourcefulness, rumination, innovation, and a healthy dose of humor and celebration. Learn more.