Carnelian Services

You know something in your work, or among your team, needs to change. Pour some coffee, pull up a chair, get ready to be seen.

You see ALL the needs in your community. You are plagued by a need to do more, make more change possible, and create a more just and equitable society. You ask yourself daily, “Are we on the right path to meet those needs—to do more?”

You question if you have the right team, enough resources, a large enough community of supporters and advocates who share your vision of the world, and in turn, share their resources. You’re asking yourself how, with all the barriers, you will get it all done.

We hear your questions, your fears, your frustrations, and your hopes and excitement. We hear you and are here to help you find answers—real answers—that start from where you are at this very moment.

We’re here to listen and to help you design realistic, actionable strategies using tools and resources to move your work toward the reality you envision.

Here's How We Do It

Infrastructure Analysis

You’ve invested in software and technology to advance your organization, but you’re not seeing the results and efficiencies you imagined. We work with you to determine what isn’t working and identify a path forward to maximize existing tools or make a change to resources that are a better fit for your organization’s capacity.

Service Includes

  • CRM Check Up

  • CRM Needs Assessment

  • Data Audit

  • Digital/Technology Audit

Determine Your Capacity

You know where you want to go, but you’re not sure if you have the right people and tools to get you there. Our consultants work with you to help you understand exactly where you are and what is needed to move toward the future you see for your organization and those you serve.

Service Includes

  • Lifecycle Analysis

  • Change Capacity Assessment

  • Philanthropic Culture Audit

  • CRM User Skills Assessment

Map Your Direction

The environment keeps changing, and you want to be sure that your organization is responding to the actual needs of those you serve. We help you engage your community to find out exactly where their pain points are, then explore and design solutions with and for that community.

Service Includes

  • Community Reviews

  • Scenario Thinking

  • Literature Reviews/Research

  • Inclusive Evaluation Design

Refine or Begin Your Program Design and Evaluation Practices

You’ve checked the boxes off with funders, indicating you completed their evaluation requirements, but you have yet to take the information gleaned from evaluation of your programs and collaborate with your board and staff to put it to use. You’re still not learning from your evaluation efforts. We work to explore your capacity and methods of evaluation that fit within the everyday activities of your organization, methods that are sustainable, AND that provide the insights needed to shape organizational decisions.

Service Includes

  • Program Theory Design

  • Matrix Mapping

  • Evaluation Methods and Design

Define Your Fundraising Strategy

You have to raise more money from more sources. We dig deep into your fundraising practices to help you implement resources and design strategies to grow a diversified and robust fundraising program.

Service Includes

  • Fundraising Infrastructure Assessment

  • Fundraising Materials Content Review

  • Fundraising Strategy Design

  • Grants Program Design

Strengthen Your Governance and Board Development Processes

You need engaged and active leadership in order to get your organization to the next level. We help you understand how to maximize the skills and passions of your current board members, and help identify what skills and perspectives are missing from the group. Our consultants also work with you to refine and/or build policies to diversify and strengthen your organization’s leadership; clarifying roles and responsibilities while simultaneously igniting action and commitment from volunteer leaders.

Service Includes

  • Policies and Procedures Review

  • Board Development Strategies

  • Board Learning Agenda Design

  • Board Capacity Assessment

  • Board Change Capacity Analysis