The Post Gala Blues


Are you a nonprofit professional who's just wrapped up a major event like a gala? If you're feeling the weight of post-project depression (PPD), know that you're not alone. "The Post Gala Blues" Upskillit is designed specifically for individuals like you, who pour their heart and soul into organizing large-scale events. This resource acknowledges the hard work and emotional toll these endeavors can take and offers practical advice to help you manage the aftermath.

Discover strategies to navigate the letdown, prioritize self-care, and find rejuvenation in activities outside of work. Learn the importance of planning ahead with tasks like preparing thank-you notes and follow-up strategies, easing post-event stress. Shift your focus to other fulfilling aspects of your work and connect with the Carnelian Community for support. This guide is your companion in balancing professional dedication with personal well-being, helping you to thrive in the demanding nonprofit sector. Remember, you've got this, and the Carnelian Community is here to support you every step of the way.

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